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violinWhat's new!

Published Indexing without Context: Some Thoughts about the New World of DITA and Content Management Systems. This article looks at how an index functions in a changing environment.

Read books about indexing and learn what makes an effective index. Also learn about book indexing tools.

violinBook indexing services

Fred BrownFred Brown, of Allegro Technical Indexing, provides professional indexing services that will enhance the value of your books and technical documents while working within your schedule and budget.

"Allegro" is a musical term, meaning quick, lively. If time, money and usability are important to you, then get your book index written in allegro time.

Allegro Technical Indexing provides standard text indexes for books using Macrex dedicated indexing software. Embedded indexing services are provided for InDesign, FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, DocBook XML and LaTeX. 

Read Why an Index? . You'll learn that a good book index will find 80% of the information, 80% of the time.

Test your index to see if it meets your customers' needs.

Allegro will help you meet your goals. How?  Read on and you'll be impressed by the net results...

violinMeet your deadlines

Your index will be ready sooner than you might imagine.

You can send chapters in any order as soon as they are ready for indexing. Typically, an index for a 400-page book will be ready within seven to ten business days.

Net result: Allegro indexing services keeps your publishing schedule on track.

violinIncrease sales

Whether you are publishing books or creating customer documentation, the index gives your customer a clear view of what you have to offer. Book buyers are known to check the index before making the decision to purchase. Computer users can find new features and solve problems with the aid of the index—and happy customers tell their colleagues and bring repeat business.

Net result: Allegro indexing services will increase sales now and encourage repeat business in the future.

violinEnhance usability

Your book or customer documentation represents weeks or months of effort. An index should enhance the usability of your product. Yet, how often have your staff complained about customers calling with questions that are already answered in your finely crafted documentation?

Maybe your customers simply couldn't find the answers? With years of experience in technical communications, Fred Brown knows how to protect your investment and create an effective tool to finding those answers.

Your finely crafted work deserves a finely crafted index.

Net result: Allegro indexing services will increase customer satisfaction and lower your customer support costs.

violinAllegro indexing tips

Time and money saving tips from Allegro.

When Fred Brown creates your index, he also consults with you on ways to save money while maximizing the usability of your publication. Here are a few tips that can help you:

Embedding index markers

Embedding index markers works nicely if you intend to make small revisions to your publication or if you intend to publish in multiple formats. However, if you plan to change more than 30% of the your book or technical document on the next release, it can make more economic sense to publish the index in ASCII text format and to re-index fully on the next release.

Providing synonyms

Synonyms to key terminology in your publication provide your customers with alternate points of access for finding their answers. Research has shown that having an adequate number of synonyms in the index can be the single biggest factor to improving the usability of the index.

Listening to your customers

Find out how customers are doing with your publication, particularly how well they are able to find things. What are the most common problems your customers are having with your document  Where are your customers finding their answers? Fred Brown will discuss with you the ways in which these and other indexing tips can improve your book or technical publication while working within your schedule and budget.

Contact Fred now for a free estimate.

violinProfessional experience

Fred Brown has over twelve years experience providing technical writing and indexing services. He has given workshops and presentations to the American Society of Indexers (ASI), the Indexing Society of Canada (ISC), the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and SIGDOC.

With extensive technical and business writing experience, Fred understands the high pressure environment you work in and the requirement to meet high standards in tight time frames. Fred has assisted publishing houses, high-technology firms, government departments, educational institutions and community organizations to create effective publications.

For more details of Fred's experience, click here.

To view samples of Fred's indexing work, click here.


Allegro Technical Indexing delivers professional indexing services on time. Allegro follows indexing standards defined by the American Society of Indexers and ISO 999: Information and documentation  Guidelines for the content, organization and presentation of indexes.

To ensure success, Allegro Technical Indexing needs the client to

  • provide any specific indexing requirements
  • provide prompt notification of any scheduling changes
  • send document files on time
  • respond promptly with any index revisions, issues or concerns
  • provide a copy of the final, camera-ready index for review, where feasible

It is recommended that index changes, beyond any proof-reading corrections, be reviewed by Allegro Technical Indexing. Indexes are complex, and it is all too easy to inadvertently damage an index.

Once payment for the index is received, the copyright is assigned to the client.

violinFree estimate

Discuss your needs for professional book indexing services. For a free, no obligations estimate, contact Fred Brown at

(613) 728-9373, or

All estimates are done on a fixed-price basis, based on the final number of indexable pages.

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