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violinAbout the sample indexes

The following indexes were written by Fred Brown.

violinBeautiful Architecture

Multi-authored work: This book brings together a selection of viewpoints from different authors about how the principles of architecture apply to software systems. “The copyeditor, Genevieve d'Entremont, and the indexer, Fred Brown, deftly massaged material coming from authors around the world to form a book that flows as easily as if it was written by a single pen.” The index was embedded in DocBook XML.

Index written for O'Reilly Media. [O'Reilly catalog page]

(PDF: 12 pages, 83 KB)

violinWeb index for Writer's Block

Web site: This index provides quick access to articles published in Writer's Block web magazine.

AusSI Web Index AwardRecipient of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers Web Index Award.

Index written for Niva Inc.

Writer's Block web index

violinTuning Oracle Databases

Handbook: This book explains the ins and outs of optimizing the performance of an Oracle database using STATSPACK.

Index written for McGraw-Hill/Osborne.

(PDF: 19 pages, 881 KB)

violinVirtual private networks

Administrator's Guide: This is a guide to a system that manages attribute certificates that define virtual private network (VPN) policies for the users.
Index written for TimeStep Corporation.
(PDF: 7 pages, 93 KB)

violinSupply management

User Guide: Supply planning business software optimizes critical material planning decisions, and dynamically substitutes and allocates constrained materials.

Index written for the Manugistics Group, Inc.

(PDF: 8 pages, 44 KB)

violinReal-time graphics

Technical Reference Manual: Real-Time Graphics Software (RTGS) assists developers write applications to run on a multimedia graphics controller card. The manual provides a complete description of each RTGS command.

Index written for DY 4 Systems Inc.

(PDF: 4 pages, 230 KB)

violinWeb database creation

User Guide: ShowBase software makes a database available on the Internet or an Intranet using Web technology — easily, quickly and flexibly. ShowBase handles data, images, and sound recordings.

Index written for ShowbaseMedia Inc.

(PDF: 2 pages, 25 KB)

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