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Allegro creates indexes and other navigation aids for web sites and intranets:
  • Web indexes 
    hypertext-linked, back-of-the-book style indexes 
  • Site maps
    hierarchical sets of categories organized alphabetically, thematically, geographically or chronologically
  • Taxonomies
    controlled lists of accepted terms along with synonyms and other relationships
  • Metadata
    "electronic library catalogue cards," defining document related fields such as title, author, document type and subject
  • Topic Maps
    topics and relationships between topics used to support web site navigation

Web indexes and site maps are visible on the web site or intranet and assist the user directly. Taxonomies, metadata and topic maps, on the other hand, help guide the user from the "back office" of the web site or intranet.

AuSI Web Index AwardRecipient of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers Web Index Award for the Writer's Block web index.

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